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Sliding Scale Fees

In order to assist you along your journey and to make my services available to as many people as possible please refer to the below table for available sliding scale fees, based upon your gross household income  (The discount has already been applied for each reading as listed below):

Gross Family Income 2019 Discount Applied Soul Reading LIVE 60 Mins LIVE 90 Mins LIVE 2 Hours
$0 - $20,000 $60 $115 $65 $90 $115
$20,0001 - $35,000 $45 $130 $80 $105 $130
$35,001 - $50.000 $30 $145 $95 $120 $145
$50,000 - $65,000 $15 $160 $110 $135 $160

* In order to apply the above discount, please select one of the choices listed  and the discountwill be automatically applied when you book online.  This offer does not apply towards the purchase of gift certificates or applicable to bookings that did not apply this promotional code at checkout.


 This offer may be changed or revoked at any time.




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