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Beyond The Veil/End of Life Services

 This page is designed to assist the families* and loved ones who:

  1. are struggling with, or know someone who is, in the process of crossing over,
  2. sense that a loved one, who has already passed over,especially if their passing was a sudden death or accident,  
  3. to assist the soul who is in an emergency situation (admitted to the hospital currently in intensive or critical care).

This type of work is time sensitive due to the situation and I place this service as a priority in my schedule.  Please CLICK HERE and leave a message to let me know what your needs are and leave me a telephone number where I may text/contact you.

Please refer to the area that best suits your needs at this time below:

Hospice Transitions Work*

Reduce the anxiety and fear you and/or your parent or family member is experiencing during this transition from life to death. Whether they may or may not be conscious, I am able to communicate with their soul whether I am present or not.  

Emergency Work & Sudden Death*

There are times when you may be in need of spiritual insight and Divine Guidance where your loved one's soul is somewhere in the middle due to a sudden health emergency, an accident or (attempted) suicide. I will share with you what I sense from the soul at this point. Due to this delicate situation and unforeseen events please call me as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

* Please call me to assess your needs and we may schedule remote work (unless otherwise agreed beforehand in the Phoenix, AZ area).  Cost for services will vary according to your needs. 

My service in this area is based on client referrals though I am willing to assist new clients, if  possible.*