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Just A Thought ~ 2008 > October 2008 ~ Soul Reading Insights
October 2008 ~ Soul Reading Insights

October 2008
Soul Reading Insights

The purpose of this month’s newsletter is to give you an overview of how I work with a client as many people are curious as to what procedures I follow when I am giving a Soul (intuitive) reading, especially for the first time.

There are several reasons I offer the readings over the telephone other than it allows me the ability to connect with people regardless of where they live. People are usually more comfortable in a setting they can control, whether they remain in their home, outside on their patio or even in their car. It is important that the client feels they are in a place that gives them peace and time to process the reading while they are on the telephone with me. I have found that when the client reserves this sacred space for themselves they are able to give themselves 100% to the reading. Otherwise, distractions may occur and the mind is not able to focus as clearly on what is being said to them. Whether they are wearing their pajamas or lying in a hammock I believe that the client’s comfort with their environment is first and foremost a necessity. In addition, the client can privately express their emotions and take notes without distracting my visions which gives me the opportunity to work exclusively with the information I am being given with fewer, if any, distortions.

Once the client reserves an appointment online I am sent a confirmation email that states their name and location. Prior to the reading I ask the client to prepare a list of soul questions so that they may begin to focus on what direction is vital for them to go towards freeing themselves from the questions of their ego and drawing their attention on what really matters in their lifetime. On the day the appointment has been scheduled I briefly focus on the client’s name and location and I begin to receive simple impressions throughout the day ~ similar to tuning in to a radio station. My clients are asked to spend 20-30 minutes prior to the call to meditate, listen to soft music, enjoy nature, etc pondering their questions and tune in to listen to their souls.

Thirty to forty five minutes before the call I enter my office and light a candle to set the stage and, with my tabletop water fountain running in the background, I burn a little sage to help me become alert and present in the moment. I have three sets of affirmation cards (The Four Agreements, Insight and The Game of Life cards) that I lay before me and sense which of the three have a message for that person. I shuffle the cards with the client’s soul intention in mind and a card presents itself, and I read it out loud and place it before me. I may pull one to three cards depending upon what I am instructed to do and I share these cards with the client shortly after they call me.

The next step I take is to take out my notebook and to write the person’s name and location on the notebook paper. As I receive information I write it down (without censoring it) and I write two to four pages, based upon the length of the scheduled session. I refer to this process is as if I am window shopping in their soul, and walking down a street and glancing in the store fronts and seeing what is being displayed to me by their soul. I then continue “shopping” and write down whatever I sense and then, during the first segment of the reading, I share this information with the client letting them choose which “stores” they may want me to go in to and see what is inside.

Once this information has been presented I then ask the client for their name, birth date, and where they live as this gives me further access into their soul, with their permission. Even if I were giving my own mother a reading I would still have her state her full name (maiden included) with her birth date and location. By the client giving this access I am allowed the ability to gently enter and peruse their soul. The client’s soul questions are then addressed, if they had not already been identified previously by the overview that was discussed in the first part of the reading.

I want to take a moment and address that I completely respect the need for privacy and so that is why I ask the client to tell me which “stores” they may want to enter to learn more as well as to ask their soul questions. I understand the need for reserving a place in ourselves where we can keep what we want to keep safe and free from judgment. My intention with a client is to present the information with compassion instead of judgment...with respect and not with fear.

One of my more recent tools I have been using is that I am drawing symbols and pictures throughout the reading and as the client is asking their questions. This seems to be an invaluable tool for me as it seems to give added depth to my visions and clarifies the images for me and helps me to identify certain areas to address. For example, one of my clients who has consulted with me several times this year did not initially agree with what a picture I had drawn was telling me to address with her during the reading. I had drawn a stick figure of a person and the left wrist and hand was circled many times. I brought this to her attention however she seemed to discount the issue during the reading though I became quite adamant what was causing the situation*. A few days after the reading my client sent me an email admitting that yes, there was an issue in her left hand area that she had noticed before and had been concerned with but was not addressing. I want to share with you that there are times I may receive such validation from my clients and I am grateful for their acknowledgement not only for the information but, more importantly, the fact that they are beginning to see themselves in a clearer light.
* Please note that I do not diagnose illnesses as I only share with you what I see in the visions.

I hope that you have more insight as to what a soul reading entails (from my point of view). Life seems to offer us different perspectives from many angles, and dimensions across the times of our lives and a soul reading is one way to transcend the distance between you and your self.

Enjoy the life before you!


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