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Just A Thought ~ 2008 > August 2008 ~ How I Do What I Do & When I Do It
August 2008 ~ How I Do What I Do & When I Do It

August 2008
How I Do What I Do…And When I Do It

I’ve met many people over the years and, whether I meet them at casual social events, the workplace, or a close friend introduces us, I know that once they are made aware of my abilities that they may think I may be prying in to their soul, obtaining information, and possibly seeing their future. There are times that some people may be concerned about how and when I use my abilities to peer in to their soul and see their lives before me ~ secrets, life, death and all. I genuinely understand this concern and the right to privacy as it is possible to eavesdrop when temptations abound, even when I may be a little curious myself, at times. As a person speaks to me I continually receive tidbits of information and I am able to pursue this open channel based upon how much their soul opens to me. I will address this experience in the September newsletter as this, I find, is another interesting topic. Out of respect for those of you who may or may not know me I wanted to simply share with you the process of how I do what I do and when I do it.

I will admit that when I was in my late teens and twenties I did not know that I was to respect the ability to acquire information. I was eager to practice with people who intrigued me and there were many opportunities that my closest friends in college and beyond became what I fondly refer to as my “guinea pigs”. Believe me, they know who they are as they were willing observers and participants in my spiritual pursuits of the soul. Because of these people I was able to practice and improve my skills to receive, tune in and adjust my abilities over many years not quite knowing what would happen or what information I would be able to retrieve.

You would think that it would be easier for me to connect to the soul of a person who was standing before me or one of my best friends and, in some ways it was easier. Please note that I am a born skeptic, and in the earlier years even more so when it came to my abilities. I was drawn to challenge my gifts so I would ask my friends (a.k.a. guinea pigs) to give me the names of people they knew well but were well aware that I had never met so I would see if I was able to tune in to their soul(s) and test my abilities. As I did connect with these people, whether living or “dead”, I was able to give basic descriptions of their appearance, habits, personality, physical weakness/illnesses and sometimes a message was given to me to relay to the person who wanted contact with them. Later on I was able to communicate, like a translator, for both parties though I realized that this process cost me and the other soul high amounts of energy, especially if they had passed on. Sometimes I would get a headache or become exhausted immediately after the experience as it was a consuming process for me. Over the course of time I came to understand how to use several techniques so that my empathic abilities would not be drained and thus allowed me to communicate more clearly with a more highly defined use of energy.

There have been times when I have not been able to connect with a person’s soul and I have found that in my experiences it has been for one of several reasons: 1) the soul did not know how to translate (move their energy to respond to my request to meet with me, 2) the soul did not “show up” as they did not want to meet with me or the person who was trying to contact them and, 3) the soul “showed up” however it did not want to communicate with the person and made it known to me that they did not want to do so. Over the course of twenty-five years there has only been one soul that I was not able to find. As I was searching for the contact I saw a spiraling light moving towards the vacuum of a black hole. I want to point out that the person who I was attempting to contact was standing before me and had given me permission to seek their soul. To this day I do not have an explanation as to why this occurred though ~ it was as if the soul did not exist.

Over the years I was taught by Spirit to respect the process of this ability and to enhance my technique. Though I was not judged by Spirit there were consequences for me, personally, when I ventured to go where I was not given formal permission to go by that soul I attempted to connect with and, in that respect, I paid my dues. I learned to appreciate the need to respect and ask first for permission than to go where I am not asked to go ~ unless there is a dire emergency ~ and then only when I have the permission by a family member or close friend will I pursue a connection.

In conclusion, I want to add that in 1987, after having experienced many blessings and had seen the hand of God work actively in my life and knowing that my life would never be the same, I dedicated my life and, my abilities, to serving the Divine. As I am divinely guided to do, I will do the work that is presented to me. If I am prompted by anything else such as a challenge by ego, whether it is another person’s or my own ego, I do not respond as it is usually based upon a person’s fear or doubt. I realize that this may give way to criticism and possibly “prove” a person’s theory to debunk my abilities however, I have learned to listen to the guidance of the Divine and less to the turbulent demands of mankind’s ego and fears.

I have nothing to prove. I have only to serve.

August 2008

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