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Newsletters ~ 2008 > July 2008 ~ Children of the Color of Light (2/2)
July 2008 ~ Children of the Color of Light (2/2)

Children Of The Color Of Light
Part 2/2
July 2008

Last month I introduced you to a topic that I feel is important for us, as adults, to consider when dealing with children who are intuitively gifted. As I wrote in my last newsletter in June I shared several of my experiences as to how I was primed since childhood to learn how to communicate with the “other side”. Please note that I shared in that newsletter only one of the gifts that I have been given in order to make the most use of the time and space. As there are many spokes on a wheel I shared with you one of the spokes representing a gift that I believe has been given to me by God (Divine Love, the I AM) that is meant to be used by God for God’s purpose. As mentioned on my web site I am not here to prove anything to anyone as to whether the gifts are legitimate in the eyes of man. I know that I am here to assist those gifted persons who already know how the gifts basically work or to work with people of faith who are guided by God. If you are here to question in fear than I suggest you consider asking for Divine guidance from your higher power and go from there in peace.

To give you some insights to my intuitive experiences…
I was not taught by a person as to how to discover, navigate, or enhance the gifts. I was selected and then taught by the Spirit and voice of God. I found that my learning curve was hampered as I found it, at times, to be disruptive and frightening for many years until I learned how to deal with the information, the knowledge, the visions, and the inevitable eventuality of this streamlining of information to me.

I know that I am not alone in this endeavor and this is my reason for writing on the subject, Children of the Color of Light.

Over the course of my life I have met many intuitively gifted children of all ages and I can sense them in one of two ways. As I look in to their eyes (the eyes are the windows to the soul) I sense a knowing ~ one that reveals a depth ness and makes it possible to communicate with them via mental or soul telepathy. When I am not near them I may be able to detect them on my “radar” ~ one that picks up a signal similar to a frequency ~ and I would then scan the room to see where the signal is coming from. Most of the time, there is a form of acknowledgment between the intuitives though most of the surrounding people in the area would not be aware of the communication as it happens quickly, and in silence. It is possible to turn the signal off, once you have learned how to do so, which makes it easier to be “invisible” to some but in some ways you may be detectable if someone is adept at receiving this mode of communication ~ though it may take a few more moments to identify exactly where the signal is coming from. All in all, for me, it is a frequency that I am able to transmit and receive that can deliver the power of the five senses, thoughts and pictures. This is the best way I know how to define in English the energy I am able to transmit and receive, whether it be to or from animals, souls (living or passed on), objects or places.

The children ~ once you know that you are dealing with an intuitive child I would recommend acknowledging their gift(s) in their presence. It may sound simple however I find that the adults are usually afraid or consumed by their own fears so that when they do approach the child their message is confusing and ill-prepared and by sending out this energy this may alter the child’s interpretation of the gift or be afraid of what they may cause or create in their lives which may last a lifetime. Consider the possibility that this child has a special task to complete whether it is for a relative, another person, animal, or perhaps to share a message with the world, one day.

The following suggestions may help you as to how to approach a child who is intuitive. Again, there are some simple guidelines to help you fill in the blanks. Of course, one of the hardest things to do in this life may be to apply the knowledge 24/7 (and assess the results) so I will leave that up to you as to how to incorporate the following points:

Believe ~ in what may not seem possible to you. Do not limit the reach of the hand of the Divine. God is preparing this child for something that may be beyond your comprehension. Have faith in the unseen.

Fear Less ~ why be afraid of what you do not know or believe in? Is it because you cannot see it in front of you? Because your hand cannot touch it in this instant? Your human mind cannot comprehend its’ capabilities? Do not limit the gifted life of another person because you may have limited your own.

Judge Less ~ Take time to realize that you may not know all what God has planned for you or for another person.

Inspire ~ another soul while on your journey in life. Help them to find what purpose they may serve without involving your own fear and judgment. Expect a miracle!

Love ~ them anyway. Unconditional love is what we are striving for isn’t it? Let them be who they were born to be without your contributions of fear, judgment and pain.

For the adults who are reading this newsletter and may think or know by now that you are “different” because of your gifts from the Divine I would suggest applying the same guidelines to yourself. And, whenever you feel you need help in a particular situation, make a request (what some would call a prayer) for an “assistant”. I know this may sound unusual but I have found that when needed, I believe, then ask, and then an assistant will appear. And be specific ~ if you want to have your message delivered in human form then say so. Otherwise, the response may come in another form such as The Word, written words in a book, a movie, a friend’s conversation, a hug, etc. Ask for what you need and want and your soul will find the answer before you.

I realize that these guidelines sound simple and I mean to keep them that way so you will consider using them when possible. Their value will be priceless as you look at them through the eyes of love (the soul) instead of the eyes of fear (the ego). Once you are able to pass that point then apply the guidelines to yourself and listen to what is going on around you through the words, actions, writings, and eyes of the intuitive.

There is a reason why you have been brought to this gifted person or child ~ why you have been placed in such an important role in their life such as a parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, or medical professional. It may or may not be noticeable to you or others but I believe that we all have the opportunity to shine a light in this Universe ~ so welcome another light that may be flickering before you, perhaps right now.

Listen carefully ~ there may be a message for you, after all.

July 2008

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