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Newsletters ~ 2008 > June 2008 ~ Children of the Color of Light (1/2)
June 2008 ~ Children of the Color of Light (1/2)

Children of the Color of Light
Part 1 of 2

My Story

People are becoming more and more aware of the possibilities of multi-sensory gifts that are available to people of all ages, including children. The June and July editions of my newsletter are to offer insight to a friend or family member when you think that a child may have supernatural gifts or psychic abilities that you may not understand how they work.

I have met many gifted assistants throughout my life ~ some acknowledging my abilities and others just passed by me as if there was nothing unusual about me. I know this because I have been able to locate them via their frequency output, usually, however, there are many, like myself, who know how to “turn it off and on” so we can slide under the radar and become more like observers. By doing so, this has helped me deal with life ~ somewhat similar to avoidance behavior ~ so that I could cope with the overload (or download in my case) of information that is a constant flow of knowledge and guidance from what I know as the Divine. I am very sensitive to situations, people, animals, surroundings, energy exchanges and dynamics whether it has occurred in the past, present or will present itself in the future.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because this is something that I have carried with me since I was about the age of five years old. It has been a difficult experience in many ways and for most of my life it was a burden until I was able to figure out that all of these gifts have been shared with me ~ and have a purpose, a use, a reason for coming through via me. I was not born with these gifts to join a circus, though I will admit that I thought of running away with the circus when I was in elementary school. Perhaps it was because in some way, I felt as if I were a freak of some kind that no one could understand and that no one seemed to see what I saw or know what I knew. I do vividly recall being told many times throughout my youth that I was “too young to know what I knew” by older people. How I longed to obtain a grown-up’s body so that my soul could finally be better accepted for the old soul that I felt I was. I knew too much about certain things and I had no one to confide in so I only shared my gifts, as a child, with my animal friends, both real and stuffed. Throughout the course of my life, several of my long time friends and relationships have told me that they knew there was something different about me. Yes, there is something different about me and it is more than just my name.

As mentioned on my web page About Me, I realized that there was more going on in church than just the sermon. I saw a shadow of a presence that was around the priest that moved, not necessarily when he did, but it stood out against the lighter background. I would watch the movement and pay attention to it as the priest spoke though I had no idea what the priest was saying I could understand the presence of the shadow. Personally, I would not call this an aura, as it was a darker hue and was a presence separate from that of the priest’s. The shadow did not reveal emotions but did convey an energy to me and I began to learn how to communicate with it over time. At the same time, I was able to hear many minds of the parishioners during the sermon which I realized at some point that I was able to “hear” their minds instead of what many call “reading” their minds.

Throughout my life, I have always had telepathic communication with my Mom so I will give her the credit for helping me practice and improve this particular ability. I cannot remember a time when I was not able to communicate with her in this fashion even though I was not able to control when she could tap in to me and extract what she wanted to know. Looking back this was the only conscious “psychic” connection I had with the world and to learn from and, as I realized over the years, my mother was not one to teach me how to deal with my gifts. In my opinion, I think ~ no, I know ~ she was afraid for me and how the gifts would alter my life.

One of the first people that I was able to communicate with in the form I would call Soul Telepathy was my father when I was about nine years old. He told me that he had had a dream the night before and, as he was beginning to tell me the story, I interrupted him and told him what his dream was as well as the landscaping that I saw, from his angle, the beautiful rolling green hills that he was “flying” over. Needless to say, this greatly surprised him though he seemed pleased with my ability to tell him exactly what I saw as if I was the person who had experienced the dream. I was able to see what he saw and feel what he felt so it was more than just reading his mind ~ I was moving beyond to the next level of being able to experience what another person could see and feel.

At the tender age of eleven, I went to the funeral home to view the body of an elderly neighbor who had suddenly passed. I recall my mother telling my father that I was old enough to go and so we went to the funeral home prior to taking me to school that morning. As we approached the casket my mother instructed me as to how to behave, sign the register, and to say a prayer for the deceased. While my parents were speaking with someone nearby I stood near the casket and just observed the body from eye level. To my surprise, I could sense “life” or perhaps I should say a colorless movement of life that was around the body and I saw the body breathe. I had never seen a dead body before and I was more curious than afraid to be there and I think that because I didn’t have fear that I was able to see what the others were missing. I wondered if he really was dead and if they were burying him alive but when I asked my mother she let me know that yes, he was dead. And I proceeded to move towards one more necessary step that life requires us all to climb towards at one time or another. Death.

When I was twelve years old I began to sense death around me more often. My first experience with predicting death and how someone would die was when I was with my sixth grade boyfriend, Todd, whom I knew to be an old soul. Even though we were in young bodies it seemed as if we sensed a knowingness ~ not one of love but one of a respect for another soul. Throughout the school year I began to receive information by “seeing” how he would die ~ in a car wreck in his late teenage years. This was very difficult for me to bear and I did not know how to handle this knowledge so I began to fear what I knew and avoided him as we approached the end of the school year. My premonition of his death came true in August 1983 when I suddenly awakened in fear one morning and fled to the kitchen and demanded the newspaper from my oldest sister. Once I had found the paper I quickly sifted through it as if I knew exactly what section I was looking for and turned exactly to the page and the listing of where his death was reported. My eyes teared up as I viewed his picture and my fears were validated in that moment that what I had seen for years is what had happened to him. He was dead at the age of 19 and, even though I had not seen Todd for several years, I felt as if I were being summoned by him to go to his wake. I felt guilty for not stopping the accident from happening. I wasn’t sure if I could have stopped it but why was I being given the gift of foresight if I wasn’t required to do anything but to wait for it to happen?

I attended the wake that evening and I knew that I had to see Todd’s body lying in the casket to prove to me that he was dead ~ that this was not a dream, that my visions were real and came true. I could sense that Todd was present in the room and I knew that he was speaking to me. I had never known anyone that I personally knew die, let alone communicate with me from the other side, and I was startled, afraid and stunned at the same time. While at the wake, I happened to meet his best friend, Jimmie, who had been my eighth grade boyfriend five years before and, though we had not seen each other for several years, the spark was there in his eyes as he watched me as I spoke to him. For me, I was still in a state of shock though I did fall for him in the weeks that followed and he quickly became the love of my life.

Over the next year and a half Jimmie and I maintained a long distance relationship while I attended college. The more time I spent with him the more I could sense death around him, like I had with Todd and I grew to fear the information I received. I thought that my love was powerful enough to stop it from happening. In April of 1985, Jimmie and I were having a picnic where he began to share with me his idea of our future together ~ growing old and sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs. When he turned around to see the reaction on my face he discovered that it was one more of doubt than of a dreamer and he asked me what was wrong. I tried to change the subject but he continued to prod me and asked me if I could imagine it as he did and I finally gave in and said no. He asked if was because I didn’t love him and I said no, I do love you but I don’t see us together in our old age. He asked me why not and then he asked me was it because he was going to die. And I said, of course you are going to die then he asked was he going to die before me and I said yes. He taunted me with the torturous questions as to when and how was he going to die and I told him that I wouldn’t tell him when and he then arrived at the conclusion that it would be soon. I didn’t confirm it for him though I sensed it would be soon. He asked me how was he going to die and I told him that there would be water around him and to promise me that he would always wear his seat belt. I felt that if I shared with him the vision that I was having that it really would happen and that perhaps if I didn’t say it that it would not happen especially since I had never told anyone about my vision of Todd’s death and it happened. I was in a quandary.

About seven weeks after this conversation Jimmie was killed in a car accident on Father’s Day while driving home from college to see his father. Per the Highway Patrol when the accident occurred it was just beginning to rain and the road was slick enough where the bald tires on the car and the high speed caused the car to hydroplane. He was not wearing a seatbelt.

Hindsight is a gift sometimes to foresight and, in this case, I will share the rest of my story in my book one day.

There are more and more stories I can share with you ~ and not ones just about death. My intention of sharing a portion of one of my experiences with you is to give you some insight as to how the gifts may progress in the gifted person and that the children need our assistance now. Can you imagine what it is like to have knowledge, information, and premonitions about people and places you have never met? The struggle that persists throughout life is hard enough let alone trying to decide what do you do with such an unusual way of receiving Divine guidance. Based upon the support that is provided to a child within their first twenty years of life it is vital that they have the necessary associations that will help them deal with their abilities as soon as possible. Whether you are an Indigo, Star, or Crystal child (what I have chosen to call Children of the Color of Light) or perhaps you know of a child that may be one please know that a little assistance can go along way to help them relate to life and the people on this planet.

The July newsletter will cover some ways in which I believe we can help these special children whether you work in pediatrics, daycare, schools, or are related to them by friendship or by family.

Until then…look for the light in each other
June 2008

Copyright 2008

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