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Soul Transitions Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings Offered:  

Being an Intuitive Consultant I am able to communicate with living and souls that have passed on as well as domestic furry friends. I have worked with many people and their beloved pets since 1983 giving soul readings to those who are searching for clarification in their journey. I enjoy assisting those who are searching for communication with their soul's higher purpose, as well as to help them manage during their life transitions. 

  • Communicate with the living
  • Communicate with those souls who have or have not successfully made the transition
  • Hospice transitions, emergency situations & sudden death (accident, suicide)
  • Communicate with animals
  • Energy work
  • Corporate Intuitive Readings 

Intuitive Readings 

  • LIVE Readings (60, 90 minute and 2 hour appointments): This reading is a free flowing telephone conversation especially designed for first time clients, follow-up calls, mediumship, or those people who may prefer to work on one or two major areas, as scheduled.  
  • Mediumship Services (when scheduling online, please select a LIVE Reading for the time range that works best for you). This session is specifically for me to communicate with close family/friends of yours who have passed away. If you would like to communicate with one person who passed away then schedule a reading for 60 minutes; two persons who have passed, 90 minutes; three persons who have passed, then schedule 120 minutes. (Please keep in mind that if you have had an intense/close relationship with the person then schedule 60 to 90 minutes for each person who has passed away. You may experience strong emotions during or after the reading so I suggest you provide yourself with ample time to process the information, your thoughts and feelings as much throughout the reading).

Corporate Readings: Owners, Upper/Middle Management:  Please Click Here For More Information.

Hospice Transitions/Emergency Situations/Sudden Death: Please Click Here For More Information 

 Consultations* & gift certificates** are available as follows:


  Select By Clicking On Link Below             View Appt Schedule      Appointment                        Length   Fee      
LIVE/Mediumship Reading* 60 Minutes $125
LIVE/Mediumship Reading*  90 Minutes $150
LIVE/Mediumship Reading * 2 Hours $175
Pre-Purchase Multiple Session Packages & SAVE! Package #/Appt Length                   Fee
Crystal Visions** (3)  60 minute sessions $300
Universal Visions** (5)  60 minute sessions $450


*   Sliding Scale Fees are available for those that qualify (Special promotions/discounts do not apply ~  please CLICK HERE for more information

** Gift certificates may be used individually for yourself and/or shared with others. Please send me an email to Michaelene@Sun2SoulTransitions.com stating your name and contact information as well as which Package you want (Crystal Visions--(3) 60 minute sessions ($300) OR Universal Visions--(5) 60 minute sessions ($450).  I will send you a PayPal invoice for the total amount and credits can be applied to your account for future use or to give as a gift. Special promotions and/or referral credits do not apply.


Payment is made by you through PayPal after booking your appointment online. Please note if you do not already have an account with PayPal you may still use this service provided you have an email address & a major credit card.

If you prefer to use Venmo or Zelle,  please email me @ Michaelene@Sun2SoulTransitions.com with your name, cell#, which LIVE/Mediumship reading you are selecting and which payment service (Venmo or Zelle, you want to receive a payment request from for this service.