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Perception Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


I Received A Gift Certificate ~ What Do I Do?

You have a special person in your life who thinks you are very special! 

Please consult my online booking calendar to see what my availablity for the next 2 weeks will be and then call me on my office landline @ 602.535.5463 to schedule a time. If, for some reason, I am not available to take your call please leave me your contact information and I will return your call asap. Please note that I will not be able to confirm a date & time until I return your call.

Soul Transitions Reading

I am often asked how do I do what I do?  Well, if you read the About Me section first that will explain a good part of my experience being divinely guided throughout my life.  However, when it comes to working with a client during a reading,  I utilize various gifts to assist me with my work.

While you are asking your pre-determined specific questions during the consultation I use what I would call "soul telepathy" to communicate with your soul.  I also follow the guidance of the Universal Divine to assist me in any guidance and translating what I "hear" and call the Spiritual Language so that you may best understand it.   

I am able to work with soul energy as well as your energy field and so I may ask for your permission to view or see in to areas that I am guided to pursue.  This allows me to work with pain, trapped thoughts, stagnant areas of the body, dis-ease, and assist in helping you open your heart and soul.

I can communicate to you what I see around you and your life, body, home, and energy fields.

Once I obtain their permission based upon your request, communication with those persons who are not present is possible.   Yes, they do have a choice to respond, just as you may answer your doorbell when you are home ~ sometimes you do and sometimes you don't.  I find that those who have passed on do not always have a lot to say to us but when they do they send me projections of thoughts, emotions, and visions that they want me to convey to you. Please note that this transfer of energy to communicate with me is costly to them in the form of energy.  I find that there are a few who have mastered the technique and are very communicative with me. Others may not have much to say and are inexperienced in their new mode of communication, especially if they have recently passed.  The point of the message seems to connect with something they may have been responsible for creating in your current life and so, the departed soul, is assisting you in noticing or acknowledging a truth or validating your truth to encourage your growth. 


What Kind Of Questions Should I Ask?

Please honor the fact that you have a possible opportunity to ask questions that pertain to your soul's growth and journey.  I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your quest to communicate with your soul and the Universe.  I suggest that you spend quality time with your thoughts and consider the questions your soul,  and not your ego,  needs for clarification.  Vague questions are not recommended (i.e., will I ever get pregnant, will I meet the man of my dreams,  what do I do now with my life?).  You may be able to recognize them by how you feel when you review them ~ the questions, in my experience, unveil themselves in the silence where ego presents the questions first in fear, judgment, worry, anger, etc in some form of chaos. Keep digging ~ there is something there for you behind the mask of the ego.

Please write down all of your questions prior to the call so you will be prepared for the call.  Some of my clients start with a few questions and then find out during the reading that other questions were answered. This may happen to you as life has a way of interconnecting situations, repeating patterns, resolving moments and addressing your reality.  Perception is the key.

The call is not a counseling session.  Our time together is more like a conversation based on your specific questions and I will let you know if I see other areas that may need to be addressed with you.  Otherwise, the call is based on your preparation to listen to your soul's needs and desires.

 Examples of areas of concern that are frequently asked by clients:

  • interpersonal relationships*
  • health concerns or where you feel you are not at ease in your health or life
  • business decisions and issues with colleagues
  • communication with those who have passed on (abortions, miscarriages, expected/unexpected passing)
  • issues with family pets that are still living

* relationships such as parents (adoptive or birth), grandparents, siblings, spouse/intimate relationships, children, close friends, business associates 


How Long Are The Readings?

Readings are available for various time limits for clients.

On your first call with me I will explain to you in more detail how the process works and what to expect. This usually takes a few minutes and is not included in your session time so expect your first session to last about five or so minutes over the time you have reserved. Please read a past newsletter that explains my process:



How Often Should I Have A Reading?

Depending upon what is going on in your life, the reading assists you with where you are today in your soul's journey.  Please give yourself the time and the genuine effort to take the information that is given to you during the call and to apply it to your life.  You may have various types of releases: dreams that may bring up or possibly offer solutions to questions, opportunities to apply your new knowledge and to see it in action,  creating a new recipe from scratch,  you may find yourself needing a nap,  or venturing out for a walk with the dog. 

The purpose of the reading is to encourage you to open up to receiving information from your soul and the Universe and not to become dependent upon me to do the work for you.  Remember, I am one of many assistants to you and your soul in this transition.


Small Requests

In order for you to have the best experience:

  • Please call on time as I will be waiting for your call
  • Please schedule the amount of time that you feel you will need for your session and be aware of the time.  If you think you may want to add an additional time to the call then please let me know as soon as possible.  It is very easy to lose track of the time based on the conversation and you can always schedule another appointment with me at your earliest convenience.
  • Suggestion: please refrain from drinking alcohol or taking mind-altering chemical drugs (marijuana, speed, etc).
  • I do not record the call so if you feel you may want to do so then make necessary arrangements prior to the call.
  • If you have "call waiting" on your telephone: I would ask that if someone tries to call you during the reading that you allow the call to ring through without your answering it so our focus is maintained to the highest degree.

Making An Appointment

You may make an appointment on-line 24/7 by clicking on SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT which will direct you to my calendar.  Please note that you will need to make your payment by Pay Pal in order to reserve an appointment on-line.  By reserving your appointment on-line you may reserve the next available appointment dates by making your payment through Paypal.

You are welcome to record the call . However, in honor of time, please make the necessary preparations prior to the call so that it will not interfere with the call.

Please refer below to our policy on rescheduling, cancellations/no shows, and the disclaimer (link at bottom of page).


Sharing Your Reading

Soul work is a very personal and guarded honor that deserves to be treated with care.   I suggest you contemplate the decision as to whether you may decide to share your reading with another person.  Use common sense knowing that you do not know what this person may share and with whom... respect your divine guidance with dignity.  Remember, you are the one who has asked the questions and are seeking your answers.

You will know when and if it is time to share with those you know.  In some instances, you may only share parts of your journey with those you may not know well at all.  Share only with those you trust in every way.

Reading Fee & Methods Of Payment

On-Line reservations:

LIVE Reading: 60 minute reading: $125*

LIVE Reading: 90 minute reading: $150*

LIVE Reading: 2 Hours: $175*

To see if you may qualify for a sliding scale fee* please CLICK HERE 

* Not applicable to Gift Certifcates packages at this time

Gift certificate packages are available for your purchase which allows you to receive 3 or 5  60 minute sessions at a discounted rate.   Please click on SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT which will re-direct you to the appointment page.


Cancellations/Re-Scheduling An Appointment

Due to unforeseen circumstances I realize there are times you may need to reschedule your appointment.  Please call to re-schedule a minimum of 3 hours prior to your appointment time on my office landline @ 602.535.5463.  If I am unavailable to take your call please leave your name and daytime telephone number where I may reach you in order to re-schedule.  

At this time, we do not offer a refund on cancellations or no-shows so please take this in to consideration when making an appointment.



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