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How it all started...I can remember, around the age of 5 or 6,  sitting in church and seeing "shadows" around people and seeing a presence around the priest while he gave his sermon.  Church seemed to be rather a noisy place to me and, years later,  I realized that this is where I began to read people's minds.  

Since I can remember, there was always a loving and guiding voice that I heard all the time through what I call spiritual telepathy.  One day, while turning cartwheels and handsprings in the front yard of our family home in North Carolina, I stopped suddenly and asked out loud "What's your name?". The response was gentle and loving, and I sensed it was pleased that I asked.  I was then told "I am your heavenly Father." 

I have never questioned the voice again.

Before the age of ten,  I experienced out of body travel and, what I refer to as, premonition dreams that eventually lead to seeing the visions while I was awake.  Well into my teen years, I acquired the ability to "see" how a person was going to die and eventually learned to respect Free Will and the ability to create your own reality by the power of your words, intentions, and choices.  I was guided to work with energy and communicate with souls (whether they were living or not) and dealt less with the mind and ego.

The information I received from the Universe was overwhelming.  At times, I would isolate myself from others in an attempt to control the intensity.  I became afraid of the "gifts" though they seemed to continue to expand and build upon each other year after year.   I know now that there was a purpose to all of the pain, the joy, the insights, the premonitions, the confusion, and the knowledge.  We are in a time of spiritual transition and the Universe has a divine plan that includes you and me, if you are interested in being of service.

I am not here to prove anything to anyone.  I am here to help the other assistants around the world to move forward into their assignments, knowing that they are supported in their journey to answer the call.

Currently, I enjoy working with soul to soul communication and working with the soul while it is making its' journey from birth through death.  I am comfortable working with souls who are in transition with love, health, career, family, and life.  I have assisted many people and furry friends since 1983 and have found no other greater reward than doing the work I was born to do.  In 1987, because of a series of events that had occurred over a five year period, and seeing the hand of the Divine work throughout my life and the lives of many others, I dedicated my life to one of service to the Universe.  It was a time of appreciation and gratitude, one of compassion and understanding and my connection to love.  I look forward to writing inspiring books, and I can foresee one of them becoming a movie, and touring the country delivering the message from the Universal Divine.  The messages are for you and me - we're all one.

The voice has persistently lead me to do the work to where I am today.  Perhaps the voice has lead you here, as well.

I want to share a blessing that I received from the Universe after a five day authentic retreat that was held at Mt. Madonna in California.  I share this message with you as I did with the group on our last night in July 2001

"May You Know You Are Loved and Guided,

Protected and Provided

All The Days Of Your Lives".

The Universal Blessing,  Michaelene

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